This is the sermon archive from Believer's Chapel in Allegany, NY. Here you will find messages from Pastor Sean Obergfell and other speakers. The messages include a short description, audio and/or video, written transcripts and scripture references.

Favor for His Glory

Nehemiah had a deep reverence for God. This biblical account of a human man goes beyond the building of a wall. This was about more than uniting and protecting the people of God. Nehemiah’s burden was stemmed from a place of honor. Nehemiah asked God for favor in order that He might bring... more on this post

Nehemiah: Have A Burden

God pressed a passionate burden upon the heart of Nehemiah. The people of God had been scattered and their walls had crumbled. As the Lord brought the nation back together, He used Nehemiah to encourage the people to rebuild and establish the nation of Israel in order to glorify the name of... more on this post

The Resurrection

From the very beginning of creation, Christ was set apart to fulfill the will of His Father. It was Jesus who would become the sacrificial lamb that would satisfy the wrath of God in the name of justice. The cross was where sin was defeated and the grave was conquered in the resurrection. Jesus... more on this post

Bear His Cross

Jesus came and lived upon this earth for the purpose of being the sacrificial lamb that would take away the sins of the world. It is through His death, burial, and resurrection that we find salvation. Christ willing went to the cross and laid down His life that we would be saved. As characters in... more on this post

The Invisible: A New Home

When Jesus ascended into Heaven, it was with a promise that He would return again. This world and all of it’s desires will fade away, but Jesus has gone to prepare a place for those who would believe in Him. It is up to us to share this good news with the world until that day comes. Podcast:... more on this post

The Invisible: Heaven

Our time on this earth is temporary. As believers, we recognize that this world is not our home. Here, we are strangers in a foreign land. We were created to live in the presence of God and we should eagerly await the day we find ourselves on the celestial shores. However, while our time here is... more on this post