This is the sermon archive from Believer's Chapel in Allegany, NY. Here you will find messages from Pastor Sean Obergfell and other speakers. The messages include a short description, audio and/or video, written transcripts and scripture references.

Together: Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a big deal to God. The whole reasons Christ came was to reconcile and repair the relationship between God and mankind. When we choose not to forgive one another, it goes against the very character of God. Just as we have experienced forgiveness in our lives, we should forgive those... more on this post

Together: Sex is God’s Idea

God designed sex between man and woman to take place within the context of marriage. The whole idea is two individuals becoming one flesh. When we take what God created and use it in a sinful manner, it leads to heartache and destruction. If you want to have a sex life with your spouse that brings... more on this post

Together: Excellent or Angry?

The wife holds a crucial role within the home. The husband may be accountable for the spiritual atmosphere in the home, but it is the wife who has the power to build into that or completely tear things apart. A man loves to be built up and a woman who loves her man, encourages him to fulfill his... more on this post

Together: Be the Example

God set up marriage in a way for husbands to lead their wives. This isn’t done in a way of orders and demands, but rather in the same manner that Christ has loved the church. The spiritual accountability of a home is the responsibility of the husband. He must lead in love and grace while... more on this post

Together: Harmony

God created marriage to work in a way of beautiful balance. Although man and woman were created as equal, they were created very different from one another. It is in their harmony with one another, that God reveals His own nature. For marriage is the very picture of Christ and the Church. Podcast:... more on this post

Marriage First

It was God who designed and set up the parameters of marriage. We first see in Genesis that man and woman were designed to partner with one another to encourage, build up, and assist one another through life. When we do marriage the way that God designed for it to work, we find a marriage... more on this post