This is the sermon archive from Believer's Chapel in Allegany, NY. Here you will find messages from Pastor Sean Obergfell and other speakers. The messages include a short description, audio and/or video, written transcripts and scripture references.

The Mind: Consider God

Have you ever stopped to consider God? The heavens declare His wonders and the stars His majesty. The earth is full of beauty and craftsmanship. The real question is, why would God even care for man? Take time today to be amazed and overcome by the love that the Father has displayed in the beauty... more on this post

Do Not Fear

It’s the most repeated command found in scripture. Do not be afraid. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but rather one of sound discipline and good judgement. We are called to walk through this life by faith and not by what we see before us. Christ knew what would take place on the cross,... more on this post

The Head Game of Stress and Worry

Stress and worry can creep in through just about any facet of life. the Bible is clear that as believers, we are to trust God beyond our own understanding. Time and time again we are called to fear not. When we give our worries and concerns over to God, we are guarded by a peace that surpasses our... more on this post

The Power of Your Thoughts

The thoughts that we allow to run through our brain leave lasting impressions on how we think and act. The Bible calls for us to guard our hearts and minds against the tendencies of the flesh. God has given us the human brain as a powerful tool that can be used for His glory, but it requires us to... more on this post

Life Lessons with Steve Edel

Steve Edel shares some of his personal experiences and struggles that have come about upon this journey of life. God can always use the decisions we make and the problems we face to steer and guide us along life’s course. What is God speaking to you in the lessons faced in your own... more on this post

Together: Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a big deal to God. The whole reasons Christ came was to reconcile and repair the relationship between God and mankind. When we choose not to forgive one another, it goes against the very character of God. Just as we have experienced forgiveness in our lives, we should forgive those... more on this post