This is the sermon archive from Believer's Chapel in Allegany, NY. Here you will find messages from Pastor Sean Obergfell and other speakers. The messages include a short description, audio and/or video, written transcripts and scripture references.

Guest Speaker: Wes Aarum

It’s always a pleasure when Wes Aarum and the family come to minister with us at Believers Chapel. This past Sunday, Wes shared a bit on the depth of love that God has for us. Beyond creation, beyond redemption, God calls us His own. He brings us into His family through the blood of Jesus and... more on this post

Jesus: My Hope, My Anchor

As believers, we have an anchor for our soul. When the storms of life come, we are safe and secure in the hope of Christ. For us, this is our solid rock. Jesus is our firm foundation from which we stand. No matter what may come at us in this life, we have a hope that goes beyond this world.... more on this post

Worship: Brendon Miller

Brendon Miller, Believers Chapel co-founder and worship leader, shares a bit about his musical journey and the calling that God placed on his life to become a worship leader. We have seen worship increase in depth and celebration over the last few weeks. When we open up the scriptures to see why we... more on this post

Worship: Satan Wants Your Attention

It is important to know that there is a battle for your worship. Satan was created as an angelic being and dwelled in the presence of God, but he was kicked out of Heaven when he began to envy after the King. Now he seeks to lead us astray and turn our attention to him. We must be ever so set on... more on this post

Worship: Through Your Worry

Paul and Silas were part of a great work of God. They were seeing lives changed, people healed, and even casting out demons in the name of Jesus. All of this quickly came to a halt as they found themselves on the wrong side of a prison cell. If you ever needed a reason to complain, here you had... more on this post

Worship: Love Expressed

When people walk into Believers Chapel, it is our desire that they would find a group of people who love God and aren’t ashamed to express it. Whether they are fellow believers or not, they should walk away knowing that we have a deep admiration for our Creator. Biblically, we see that... more on this post